MCU Fans Think WandaVision Predicted Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer


You’ve got to hand it to Marvel Cinematic Universe fans for reading in between every single line, even if it wasn’t the intention on the part of the filmmakers or key creatives involved in the franchise’s many projects. Sure, it’s all connected, but sometimes coincidences happen.

We’re all expecting the first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home to arrive imminently, less than 24 hours after a cellphone-recorded version was leaked online. Fans have been dying to see any footage from Tom Holland’s third solo outing for months now, and some eagle-eyed MCU enthusiasts have spotted an eerie premonition from WandaVision, which began rolling out way back in January.

As you can see below, a calendar in the titular duo’s WestView home had the 23rd of August marked down on the calendar, with many people believing that Marvel have been telling us something was coming for the last seven months without anybody noticing.

While it might very well be the case that WandaVision was nodding towards the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, let’s not forget that Sony have a huge stake in the marketing campaign for any movies featuring the web-slinger, so it’s pretty unlikely. That’s without even mentioning how marking down August 23rd as the date we’d get to see the promo would require a hell of a lot of foresight given the pandemic, especially when the MCU’s first Disney Plus exclusive started shooting in November 2019.