Spider-Man: No Way Home Fans Freaking Out Over Leaked Trailer


Fans have become accustomed to disappointment when it comes to hyping themselves up for the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, having been burned many times in the past already. With that in mind, it was almost fitting that the first look at Tom Holland’s third solo outing came via a leaked trailer that’s sent Sony and Marvel’s legal teams into overdrive trying to have it taken down from every corner of the internet.

There was hope that the maiden footage would arrive on Tom Holland’s birthday, then Tobey Maguire’s birthday and finally director Jon Watts’ birthday, all of which were in June and none of which came to fruition. Then August 1st’s designation as Spider-Man Day reignited anticipation, before another slice of absolute nothingness saw No Way Home‘s hopeful droves refocus their sights on Peter Parker’s canonical Marvel Cinematic Universe birthday of August 10th.

Instead, somebody on TikTok uploaded a grainy version of the No Way Home promo onto the internet and it spread like wildfire, sending social media into meltdown in the process. As you can see below, some fans find the whole situation hilarious, while others are ducking for cover and avoiding the leaked trailer until the pristine official version arrives.

We’re now expecting the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer to arrive within the next few hours, and you can guarantee Kevin Feige and his counterparts at Sony are going to be furious over the entire situation. Having kept the project under lock and key for so long, low-res cellphone videos gave the game away ahead of time and spoiled what should have been a major surprise for Spidey fans everywhere.