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Meet The Eco-Horror Film That’s Taking Over Hulu

It's the most popular horror film on the platform right now.

It’s not easy to make a good eco-horror film but when it’s done right, they can be absolutely terrifying. It’s impossible to forget movies like The Day After Tomorrow, Phase IV, and The Bay after watching them. Now it looks like a new film might join those ranks as it skyrockets in popularity on Hulu.

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According to stats from FlixPatrol, it’s the number one horror movie on the entire platform right now. Taking on the hot-topic issue of fracking with stars like Allison McAtee, Marc Blucas, and Grease star Adrienne Barbeau bring a terrifying new story to life in the film Unearth.

“The relationship between two neighboring farm families are strained when one of them chooses to lease their land to an oil and gas company. In the midst of growing tension, the land is drilled, and something long dormant and terrifying, deep beneath the earth’s surface is released. Unearth is about the horrifying repercussions sown by short-sighted decisions, and what our children reap from our actions.”

Synopsis From Hulu

The movie has been doing well, holding a 69% Tomatometer rating on Rotten Tomatoes which isn’t bad for a film that featured a lot of new actors on the silver screen as well. If horror fans want to see what directors Dorota Swies and
John C. Lyons brought to the table they can find Unearth streaming now on Hulu.