Meet The Worst Heroes Ever On This New Suicide Squad Poster

With less than two months to go now until David Ayer’s Suicide Squad hits theatres, the marketing is coming in fast and furious. We’ve been assaulted with all forms of promo material over the past couple of weeks, and now, we’ve got another little bit, as Ayer has debuted a new poster for the film which can be seen below.

Featuring the “Worst Heroes Ever” in all their glory, it’s a colorful and explosive piece of artwork for the DC Comics adaptation, one that would look great on any fan’s wall. The marketing campaign for Suicide Squad really has been rather impressive so far and like almost everyone else, we’re extremely eager to see the film once it finally hits theatres.


Early buzz is incredibly strong, with people calling it “mind blowing,” and we already know the studio is eyeing several spinoffs, so it’s clear that there’s positivity across the board. Whether or not the final product can deliver is still up in the air, and won’t be determined until the first week of August, but for now, we remain optimistic that this might just be the best comic book movie of 2016 (sorry, Captain America: Civil War).

Suicide Squad will burst into theatres on August 5th, 2016.