Early Reviews Say Suicide Squad Is Mind-Blowing


It wasn’t too long ago that a lucky group of people got to see an early test screening of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. The reactions were extremely positive to say the least, with those in attendance calling it “insane” and “amazing.” It’s not just the fans who are digging the flick either, as Warner Bros. is apparently so high on it that they’ve already started ordering up spinoffs for characters like Harley Quinn and Boomerang.

So, all seems to be going well for the studio’s supervillain team, and today’s bit of news doesn’t do anything to change that. Apparently there was another test screening held in California this weekend and reactions are now starting to pour out over social media, as they tend to do.


Taking to Twitter and Reddit, a few of those who were lucky enough to be in attendance have shared their thoughts, and it seems to be all pretty positive. Some are calling it “mind-blowing,” while others are hailing Ayer as a genius.

Take a look below to see what people are saying about the latest test screening for Suicide Squad, and don’t worry, there are no spoilers to be found here.

 Reddit User: soyodu

“This was an advanced screening where we didn’t know what the movie was. Initially I thought it was Trek, IDR or Bourne, until the NDA said Warner Brothers on it. I will tell you there was NO standing ovation, but a decent amount of people clapped in the end. In fact, when they first told us we were going to see a screening of the movie, pretty much the whole theater cheered and screamed. At the end, probably only half clapped…which doesn’t mean the other half didn’t like it, but if this was like a thursday night showing with fanboys, I have no doubt it would have been a much bigger applause…

This is an unfinished cut. There was lots that I really liked, good action, pacing (for the most part). But as I’ve said there were 2 characters who had a decent sized role in the plot/story that did not connect with me. I could care less about them. They tried for an emotional scene and yea…didn’t work. But yes, walking out, I’ve heard a few people raving about it, and a few just good/pretty good. The person I was sitting next to came with his family and he didn’t even know the movie after they announced it (older guy) and he said it was ok. I didn’t stick around to hear if anyone had anything bad to say.”

Reddit User: Malachim

“You will like every single member of the Squad, with Harley (obviously) stealing the show. She’s a star and everyone will love her. This is the type of movie that demands a sequel. I’m sure critics will find ways to hate it (it’s basically a gritty action movie with comic book characters and a Hot Topic aesthetic, which honestly might turn critics off), but DC fans will like it. The BIG thing is that the movie literally saves DCEU Batman. This Batman is BTAS personified.”

So, there you have it. Once again it seems that people are very pleased with what they’re seeing. What’s important to note here, too, is that apparently the first test screening was mostly for DC fans, while this one was just for a random audience. Even with that in mind though, it’s important not to place too much stock into these reactions. The test screenings for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice were incredibly positive as well, and we all know how that film turned out.

Regardless, I think people are feeling a lot more confident about Suicide Squad than they were about Snyder’s flick. And with only about two months to go now until it hits theatres, we really don’t have long to wait before we can see for ourselves just how well the movie turned out.