Mel Gibson Officially In Talks To Direct Lethal Weapon 5 For HBO Max

Lethal Weapon

For a long time, the thought of Lethal Weapon 5 actually making it in front of cameras appeared to be fanciful at best, when we haven’t seen Mel Gibson’s Martin Riggs and Danny Glover’s Roger Murtaugh together on our screens since 1998.

The latter was too old for this sh*t 34 years ago, so we can only guess as to how he’d feel about getting drawn back into the thick of the action now. That being said, Richard Donner was actively developing the buddy cop sequel before his passing earlier this year, with Gibson admitting he might end up directing the movie himself after making a promise to his longtime friend and collaborator.


Having already let the cat out of the bag during a recent speaking event, Deadline have now confirmed with sources close to the Gibson camp that the veteran action star is indeed in talks to helm Lethal Weapon 5, with the interesting caveat that the presumably final chapter in the series is being developed as an HBO Max exclusive.

There’s no word on when production is being eyed to start, but Lethal Weapon 5 could be a while away when you consider Gibson has John Wick prequel series The Continental and family fantasy Boys of Summer in the pipeline, alongside a raft of VOD thrillers including Agent Game, Last Looks, Panama, Over the Line, Hot Seat, and Mark Wahlberg biopic Stu.