Mentions of ‘The Power of the Dog’ at Oscars to raise money for animal rescue


Despite canines having nothing to do with The Power of the Dog, every mention of the film at this year’s Oscars will see $10,000 donated to animal rescue centers.

Variety reports that Pawp, an on-demand support service for pet owners, will use the success of the Netflix blockbuster at the Academy Awards to support our furry friends. The Power of the Dog has racked up a whopping 12 Oscar nominations and Pawps will donate $10,000 for every verbal mention of the film’s title at the ceremony — up to $1 million.

Though only three dogs appear on screen in The Power of the Dog, and none of the four-legged cast members have central roles, Pawp CEO Marc Atiyeh still sees the Oscars as a golden opportunity to help dogs in need, as explained in a statement to Variety.

“While The Power of the Dog has nothing to do with dogs, Pawp is thrilled that it is the most nominated film, guaranteeing pups in need will be this year’s true winners.”

The film has received recognition across many categories at this year’s Academy Awards, with Jane Campion a favorite to take home Best Director. In addition, the film sees representation in three out of four acting categories, with Benedict Cumberbatch up for Best Actor, Kirsten Dunst up for Best Supporting Actress and both Jesse Plemons and Kodi Smit-McPhee up for Best Supporting Actor.

The 94th Academy Awards will be held this Sunday at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET on ABC and broadcast networks worldwide.