Michael Jai White Open To Making A Cameo Appearance In Spawn


Todd McFarlane has been waxing lyrical about the Spawn reboot for what feels like forever, but so far, there’s been very little forward movement made on the project to back up his constant talk. The creator of the cult favorite character has been teasing a major new addition to the cast for months now, but we’re still waiting on somebody else to officially join leading man Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner on the roster.

Blumhouse head honcho Jason Blum has also been prone to give vague statements that confirm Spawn is still in development without actually revealing any new information, but after the majority of 2020 was written off due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, perhaps this year it’ll finally gather some momentum and heaven forfend, maybe even make it in front of cameras.

Michael Jai White, star of the 1997 original and an icon of the VOD action genre, recently took a couple of gentle shots at McFarlane’s unproven directorial abilities, but in a new interview, he also admitted that he’d be open to the idea of making a cameo appearance on behalf of his fans.

“Well, yeah. Out of respect for the fans who put me where I am, I would have to say yes. Simply from that.”

There’s only so long McFarlane can continue to spin yarns about how great Spawn is going to be without actually providing any evidence until people start to get bored of the hyperbole, matters that aren’t helped when he’s also trying to shill a new animated series at the same time. Not to mention that the reboot has already been in the works for well over a decade, and Foxx is busy on Spider-Man 3 before jumping straight into his Mike Tyson biopic, so the earliest we can expect shooting to start would be the end of the year.