Michael Keaton Names Himself As The Best Batman

Batman Returns

Every generation has their Batman and for those who grew up with the Tim Burton movies, that’s Michael Keaton. Despite not appearing in the role since 1992, the actor has made such a mark on the Dark Knight’s legend that he’s being brought back in The Flash, which will also feature Ben Affleck as his version of Bruce Wayne. And the door’s been left open for even more Caped Crusaders to appear, too.

But who’s the best Batman of them all? This question was put to Keaton during a virtual chat on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week and he gave a hilarious, and unsurprising response. The host brought up the topic of the DC hero when trying to get the star to confirm that he was involved in The Flash. Keaton admitted that there’ve been talks, but intriguingly, he also joked that all “127” previous Batman actors will feature in the film. Kimmel then pressed him to name his favorite Dark Knight and the actor replied “me,” with an “isn’t it obvious?” kind of shrug.

It’s interesting that Keaton was so cagey with confirming he’s in The Flash, as he definitely is (director Andy Muschietti has already revealed it). Also, the fact that he joked that countless Batman actors will feature as well makes us wonder if the various reports saying that WB hopes to get Christian Bale, Val Kilmer and George Clooney back for cameos could pan out.

As for if he really is the best Batman, a recent survey saw Bale come out on top with a huge chunk of the vote, with Adam West in second and then Keaton in third. A previous poll, though, saw him snapping at Bale’s heels, being just 1% behind him on that occasion. So, Keaton’s definitely up there. And no doubt his return in The Flash will bring him renewed popularity.

Who’s your pick for the best Batman, though? Sound off in the usual place below.