Christian Bale May Cameo In The Flash If Christopher Nolan Approves It

The Dark Knight

Christian Bale may return as his version of the Dark Knight in The Flash movie, but only if Christopher Nolan approves it.

The Scarlet Speedster’s first ever solo cinematic outing is one of the most highly anticipated upcoming DC films as it promises to blow the multiverse wide open. We already know that both Michael Keaton AND Ben Affleck are back as the Batman of two worlds in the pic, and it looks like more Caped Crusaders could be joining them.

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who previously told us that Affleck would return a month before it was announced – Warner Bros. has reached out to Bale to see if he would be interested in appearing in The Flash. From what we’re hearing, the British star is actually up for it, but he has one big condition – he’ll only sign on if Nolan, the director of the Dark Knight trilogy, approves the plan.

Bale has always been loyal to Nolan, with the actor ruling himself out of more appearances as Batman back in the day after the filmmaker decided to call it quits following The Dark Knight Rises. But will the director give his blessing for his colleague to cameo in this new film? Well, the Tenet helmer has spoken positively of DC’s choice to cast Robert Pattinson in The Batman, so he may be willing to let the studio add a coda to the story of Bale’s Caped Crusader in The Flash. 

Even if not, though, there are many other mind-blowing cameos that have been discussed already. Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen could appear, following up his meeting with Ezra Miller’s hero on TV, and Smallville‘s Tom Welling may also return from “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Craziest of all, though, Nicolas Cage could finally play Superman in live-action. Even if just a few of these come to fruition, the flick will still be a fanboy’s dream come true.

The Flash is due to start shooting next year ahead of its release in theaters in June 2022.