Michael Keaton shares BTS image of his ‘Batgirl’ return

michael keaton batman

So far, the marketing for The Flash has held off on showcasing Michael Keaton’s returning Batman in all of his glory, but HBO Max exclusive Batgirl hasn’t been so fortunate due to a raft of set photos making their way online.

It still feels surreal to know that the 70 year-old actor will be making a full-blown comeback as the Caped Crusader 30 years after his last outing under the cape and cowl in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, but fans are hyped beyond belief about Keaton’s impending return as the iconic superhero.

Shooting continues on Batgirl in and around Glasgow, and with Keaton’s presence on set having been confirmed a while back, he’s taken to Instagram to reveal and atmospheric silhouette that comes bearing exactly the caption you’d expect.

With The Flash arriving in November, and Batgirl still expected to debut on streaming before the end of 2022, it’s only a matter of time before we see some official footage of Keaton back in action. Warner Bros. and DC Films are trying to keep him under wraps for as long as possible, but at least we’ve got behind the scenes images and set snaps to tide us over in the interim until the big reveal eventually happens.