Michael Myers Launches An Attack In This New Halloween Clip


Next Friday, Michael Myers returns. And judging by everything we’ve heard so far, it sounds like he’s back in style – well, as much style as a masked homicidal maniac can manage anyway.

According to the reviews, David Gordon Green’s Halloween is going to be a true return to form for the venerable horror franchise. Everything we’ve seen from the pic makes it look excellent, too, with all the clips we’ve received to date only whetting our appetite that much more. Now, we’ve got one last bit of footage, and it proves that Michael Myers will strike when you have your guard down the most – on the toilet.

I don’t know who this poor victim is, but she’s going through many people’s literal nightmares. First comes the rattle at the door, with her anxiously saying that the stall’s occupied, followed by a bloody hand reaching over into the stall and dropping a handful of teeth in. Understandably, the woman tries to crawl away along the floor, but this isn’t Myers’ first day at the office, so he reaches under and grabs her ankle. Surely disembowelment follows.

It’s a classic slasher attack and features the rock-solid cinematography that made the first installment in the franchise into a horror classic. Like I’ve said many times before, everything I learn about this new Halloween just gets me more and more hyped up – whether it be the original Michael actor Nick Castle returning for some key scenes (and supplying the breathing sound), the return of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode or the prospect of a new John Carpenter synth score.

Even better, Blumhouse are so confident in the movie that they’re now planning a sequel. Given that Halloween‘s already a sequel to Halloween (1978), you have to wonder if another Halloween II makes sense. Regardless, the more Myers the better if you ask me.

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