Michael Pena Joins Jake Gyllenhaal In End of Watch

News surfaced last month, pointing towards Jake Gyllenhaal being in early discussions about starring in a new police drama from director David Ayer (Street Kings, Harsh Times) named, End of Watch. Now, First Showing tells us that Michael Pena (Crash, World Trade Center) is also set to join the cast of the film, which tells the story of the relationship between two longtime police partners played by the two aforementioned actors. The film’s script is being written by David Ayer, who will produce it under his Crave Films banner. It is unsure when production will begin though.

This is interesting news. Both actors have proven themselves in previous roles. Though Michael Pena has been doing a lot more comedy as of late, his performance in Crash was excellent and really showed his acting chops. Gyllenhaal is also an actor who has been improving with every film he does. He recently gave a fantastic performance in Source Code and I’m looking forward to seeing what he’ll do in this gritty cop drama.

What do you think?