Michael Rooker Reveals How Yondu Would’ve Dealt With Thanos In Avengers: Infinity War


Thanos proved to live up to all the hype when he finally made his mark on the MCU in Avengers: Infinity War. Not even the combined strength of just about every one of the galaxy’s mightiest heroes could stop him from wiping out half of the entire universe with his Infinity Gauntlet. Things might have played out differently, though, if Michael Rooker’s Yondu had been around.

The actor made an appearance at Fandemic Tour Sacramento recently and while there, one fan asked him how he thinks his character would’ve reacted had he been in Star-Lord’s shoes during that pivotal moment in Infinity War. You know the one we’re talking about, right?

Of course you do. I mean, it’s only gone on to become one of the film’s most discussed and debated scenes, with many ultimately blaming Peter Quill for the Mad Titan’s victory, given he let his anger get the best of him and lashed out at the villain, therefore ruining Team Iron Man’s plan. But if it’d been Yondu there instead of Star-Lord, things might’ve gone pretty differently.

Speaking to the crowd at Fandemic Tour, Rooker revealed that he probably would’ve shot Thanos rather than just physically attack him.

“I wouldn’t have hit him with a gun, I would have shot him with it, at least! For goddsake. And he’s sleeping, right? What do you do? I mean, you’ve got to try and get that gauntlet off his hand, but with Thanos, you’ve got to remember, Thanos is a god. And mere humans and mere other creatures throughout the universe, we can’t kill a god. They’re very difficult to kill. So no matter what we do to them, we gotta have some sort of god-killing tool, right? So Thor went to get the god-killing tool from what’s-his-name from Game of Thrones, right?”

While it’s easy to say this in hindsight, there’s no telling what Yondu would’ve done in that moment and if he was in Peter’s shoes, he may have very well acted out in the same exact way. Regardless, it’s certainly too bad that Rooker never got a chance to show up in Avengers: Infinity War. But with next May’s sequel said to involve time travel, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if the remaining heroes encounter Yondu on their journey back to the past. Fingers crossed, eh?

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