Michael Stalks His Prey In Another New Halloween Photo


David Gordon Green’s Halloween sequel is officially in the can.

After a relatively brief spell in front of the cameras, during which time Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie Strode) shared scores of set photos, filming on the pic has now wrapped and that can only mean one thing: it’s time for the marketing machine to kick into high gear – which it definitely has.

Because with only a handful of months remaining now until Halloween storms into theaters, Michael Myers is ready for round two, and we understand Green and his team plan to ignore all other films in the series, save for John Carpenter’s 1978 classic. It’s about the closest thing to a hard reset that we can expect from such a time-honored franchise, so it’ll be interesting to gauge the audience’s reaction to the sequel come October.

But circling back to that marketing machine, and in the gallery down below, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the latest photo from Halloween (along with the ones from yesterday), which sees Michael stalking his prey. Which, we imagine, is someone with the last name Strode.

Despite retconning away a full nine movies (some of which aren’t that bad), co-writer Danny McBride has promised fans that the pic will still “pay homage and respect to every Halloween that’s been released.” This is perhaps a hint that we’ll see something along the lines of Laurie Strode in H20, which showed us a version of the character hardened by her experiences in the past films and preparing for Michael’s menacing return to her life.

Either way, it’s shaping up to be an exciting return for one of the most iconic franchises in horror history. And if for some reason you still haven’t seen the original Halloween, be sure to check it out before this new sequel is released. John Carpenter’s iconic flick has aged like a fine wine and still remains scary as hell even to this day.

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