Michelle Pfeiffer Says Elle Fanning Would Be Awesome As Catwoman In The Batman


Having known that Robert Pattinson will play the title role in The Batman for some time now, we’re waiting for official confirmation from the studio regarding which other actors will orbit him. For now, it appears as though we can bank on Jeffrey Wright playing Commissioner Jim Gordon because the major industry trades have already reported on it, with Jonah Hill in talks to play a villain yet to be revealed to the public at large.

If there’s any role I’m waiting with bated breath to see filled, it’s most definitely that of Catwoman. You see, she’s one of my favorite fictional characters overall and although I’ve enjoyed what many actresses have added to her legacy in the past, I’m still yearning to see the Selina Kyle I’ve come to love from the printed page fully adapted to film. Some iterations embodied specific character traits, while some favored others – but I’d like to see them all come together if that makes sense.

While recently speaking with Variety, former Catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer was asked to weigh in on her possible successor. The reporter interviewing her brought up Maleficent co-star Elle Fanning, and Pfeiffer said “she would be awesome.” Considering how the veteran actress owned the role in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, that’s certainly a credible endorsement.

But with Fanning being only 21 years of age and Pattinson being 33 himself, I’m not sure if director Matt Reeves wants to put that much of an age gap between the two icons. Then again, Selina is historically portrayed in comics as being in her early to mid-twenties, so you never know.

So far, industry chatter has said a woman of color is being sought for the Catwoman gig, but we’ll have to wait and see if that holds true. If it does pan out, then this unnamed actress would follow in the steps of Eartha Kitt and Halle Berry in the line of feline fatales.

The Batman arrives in theaters on June 25th, 2021.