Miles Morales May Feature In As Many As 5-6 MCU Movies

Miles Morales Spider-Man Far From Home

None of us want to get rid of Tom Holland as Peter Parker anytime soon, but there’s definitely an ever-growing desire for Miles Morales to make his live-action debut in the MCU. Marvel can’t have missed all the hype, either, especially following the success of Into the Spider-Verse, so you can bet that they’ve got something cooking with the character. And some new intel may have given us a window into their plans for the second Spider-Man.

Insider Daniel Richtman has shared on his Patreon page that he’s heard that Marvel is currently casting for a black actor to fill a “strong supporting role” in Spider-Man 3. His sources tell him this is most likely Miles and that’s because the coveted part comes with options for 5-6 additional films. That’s a standard contractual deal for major Marvel stars, so clearly Miles will be a big player in the future of the franchise.

Further evidence that Marvel is in the midst of casting the role comes from Charles Murphy of Murphy’s Multiverse, who uncovered a now-deleted audition video from an African-American actor trying out for the part of “Daniel,” which is definitely an alias. The clip established that this “Daniel” is a fan of Spider-Man who – potentially big spoilers – watches a news report of the wall-crawler’s death.

This may be a fake scene for the auditioning process or it could tell us a heck of a lot about Spider-Man 3‘s plot. It’s hard to imagine that Marvel would kill Holland’s Peter off, but maybe the threequel will flip the script in some way. Could Doctor Strange help Peter fake his death until he can clear his name and in the meantime, Miles steps up as the web-head and we end up getting two Spider-Men, just like Holland’s always wanted?

We’ll know more as production on Spider-Man 3 ramps up, but it sure sounds like Miles Morales is swinging into the MCU in a big way.