Miles Morales Easter Egg Discovered In Spider-Man: Homecoming


As much as we all love Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, Spider-Man fans are impatiently waiting for Miles Morales – the second Spidey – to make his way into the MCU. Thankfully, Spider-Man: Homecoming confirmed that Miles existed in the world of the franchise, as Donald Glover’s Aaron Davis – Miles’ uncle in the comics – mentioned his nephew in one scene. A deleted bit of this moment even referred to Miles by name.

It turns out that there was another reference to the character hidden in the movie, though. Homecoming‘s closing credits, which are brought to life with a quirky animated style, go by pretty quickly, so you probably missed the opening frame of the sequence, which pops up right after the memorable moment when Aunt May discovers Peter in his Spidey outfit. If you pay attention, though, you’ll notice that the distinctive mask Miles wears, which inverts Peter’s colors, can be seen.

Check out a screenshot below, as first posted on Reddit:

As comic books fans will know, Homecoming arguably borrowed more from Miles’ storyline in the source material than it did Peter’s – with Ned closely resembling Miles’ buddy Gankhe and Iron Man’s mentoring role resembling Nick Fury’s tutoring of Miles. So, it makes sense that it’d pay homage to the character with nods like these for the fans to pick up on.

But could Morales show up in the future of the MCU? It does sound likely, as Kevin Feige’s confirmed their intention is for him to be out there somewhere. What’s more, Tom Holland has said more than once that he wants to team up with Miles in a movie at some point. Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 might be a bit too soon, though.

Even if he doesn’t appear in the sequel, however, at least all won’t be lost. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Sony’s animated pic which is separate from the MCU, will give Morales his cinematic debut when it arrives in theaters on December 14th.

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