U.S. Military Apologizes For Threatening To Bomb Area 51 Raiders

Alien Raid Area 51

It looks like even the Unites States military has a sense of humor. Or the attendees of the “Storm Area 51” Facebook event had better hope they do.

A Twitter account that’s run by the DVIDS, or Defense Visual Information Distribution Service, recently sent out a tweet threatening the raiders with a stealth bomber attack. Less than a day later, the military issued an apology for the mock threat.

Around two million people had pledged to show up for the event, so the government had every right to be wary. In reality, however, only a couple hundred made it. It all actually turned into one big alien-themed party, too, but some of the events had to be cancelled due to the lower than expected attendance.

As for the actual raiding? Less than 100 people attended that particular part, and it seems whoever was (emphasis on “was,” since they’ve probably been fired) running the DVIDSHub Twitter account must’ve missed the memo, as they sent out this recently deleted tweet:

Since nothing ever truly disappears on the internet though, the same account issued an apology less than 24 martian hours later, writing:

Sorry, but the thought of unleashing a stealth bomber on a bunch of people Naruto running around is a little funny. Living in the age of offense like we are though, the DoD probably did the right thing by apologizing.

In any case, the excitement around the event had been building for quite some time but it seems to be ebbing away now that it’s all over with. Pictures and videos from the Area 51 raid are available online though if you want to see what you missed. Or didn’t miss. Whatever floats your UFO.