Millennium Falcon Owners’ Manual Reveals Endless Customization Options


The lives of Star Wars characters usually extend well beyond their adventures on the big screen through an array of spinoff material, and the same even goes for the ships they fly, with the upcoming Millennium Falcon Owners’ Workshop Manual exhibiting the many forms that can be taken by the ride last seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

In the numerous cinematic outings of the YT-1300 Modified Corellian Freighter, Han’s ship has undergone few adjustments (save for a slight inconsistency in leg number), but as it turns out, Han’s vehicle is highly customizable, with the new book showing the ways in which the cockpit, thrusters, and various other parts can be changed around. Though it’s debatable just how practical all of these designs are, it’s nice to know that a change in style is possible should the occasion ever call for it.

With the Millennium Falcon spotted in a set photo from the upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX, it looks like this hunk of junk could be seeing this current trilogy through to the end. And while we can’t say the same for Han, we may at least witness a reunion between the ship and its previous owner, with Billy Dee Williams confirmed to reprise his role as Lando Calrissian.

At the same time, you probably shouldn’t expect any further films from the Falcon’s younger days, with the underwhelming box office returns of Solo: A Star Wars Story effectively killing the movie’s chances of a sequel. With that in mind, there’s a good chance that these weird customizations will never make it to theaters, but you can still check them all out when Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Owner’s Workshop Manual hits shelves on November 27th.

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