Millie Bobby Brown Reportedly Wants To Fight Monsters In Next Godzilla Movie

Millie Bobby Brown

The dream of seeing Godzilla and King Kong cross over with Pacific Rim may have died for good when Warner Bros. sold off the latter’s distribution rights to Universal, only for sequel Uprising to disappoint commercially after failing to crack $300 million at the global box office, but giant robots could be on their way back to Warner Bros.’ MonsterVerse.

At least, that’s according to insider Daniel Richtman, who reports that Millie Bobby Brown wants a bigger piece of the action in her next appearance in the series, with the tipster claiming that she’s hoping take a leaf out of Raleigh Beckett and Stacker Pentecost’s books by piloting a huge mechanized robot so that she can throw down with some kaiju in the next Godzilla movie.

“[She] wants them to add giant robots in MonsterVerse so she could be in them and fight the monsters,” he says.

Of course, neither the studio or the production company have firmed up any plans for future installments in the MonsterVerse, but it’s surely only a matter of time. After all, early projections indicated that Godzilla vs. Kong needed to earn $330 million to break even and it’s already surpassed that mark in a little over two weeks to become the highest-grossing Hollywood blockbuster of the pandemic era.

Everything from here on out is pure profit, then, and with director Adam Wingard deliberately leaving the MonsterVerse at a crossroads for the next filmmaker to take up the reins, there are plenty of storytelling opportunities should WB give one of the many ideas floating around behind the scenes the green light. Whether or not this involves Millie Bobby Brown riding into battle at the helm of a robot remains up for debate, though, especially when her Godzilla vs. Kong storyline was entirely superfluous to the point that it had virtually no impact on the proceedings at all.