Mission: Impossible 5 Will Arrive On Christmas Day 2015


Paramount has set a December 25th, 2015 release date for Mission: Impossible 5, officially making that year the absolute biggest in Hollywood history, or so it seems. Thankfully, the studio had the good sense not to drop the film into the Summer season, where it would be competing against Avengers: Age of Ultron, Batman vs. Superman, Terminator 5, Ant-Man and every other blockbuster that is currently in production.

Placing the Christopher McQuarrie-directed film in the Winter will give it some more room to breathe, but not much. It will still have to compete against the juggernaut that is Star Wars: Episode VII, which opens the week before, and also against Ben Affleck’s Live By The Night, which opens on the same day.

Still, despite the competition, Mission: Impossible 5 will no doubt do well. With McQuarrie behind the camera, Cruise in front and Iron Man 3 scribe Drew Pearce penning the script, I think that this entry into the series will be on par with Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. Or at least I hope it will.

As a movie blogger, I am both highly anticipating but also seriously dreading the second half of 2015. There are just so many AAA blockbusters heading our way and attempting to cover them all is going to be as exhausting as it is fun. At the very least though, moviegoers won’t be able to complain that there’s nothing to see in theatres.

Tell us, are you excited for Mission: Impossible 5? Do you think Paramount chose a good release date? Let us know in the comments section below.