Modern fandom summed up after ‘Star Wars’ stans list their grievances with ‘Rogue One’

Rogue One Jyn Erso

Disney has produced an impressive line-up of Star Wars projects over the past decade or so — ever so divisively — and the only movie that even came close to drawing unanimous praise from the nitpicky fandom of the galaxy far, far away was Rogue One. But you’ll be in for a huge surprise if you think that audiences have no problem with the prequel flick.

Starring Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, and Ben Mendelsohn, Rogue One involved a suicide squad from the Rebel Alliance tasked with uncovering the plans for the Death Star. The movie became so successful and acclaimed that it even spawned a spinoff show in the form of Andor, which will soon be making its Disney Plus series in August.

Depsite Rogue One‘s success and its reputation within the online community as “the best Star Wars movie the Mouse House has produced,” it seems that Gareth Edwards’ movie is still far from being a perfect galaxy far, far away outing in peoples’ estimation. In fact, we’re pretty certain at this point that there’s no satisfying the Star Wars fandom, not that that was ever a priority for Disney anyway.

A recent thread on Reddit has been asking people to reveal some of the things they disliked about Rogue One, and if you’re one to take movie criticism seriously, some answers might offer new insight into the acclaimed flick.

For one thing, it seems that the Threepio and Artoo cameo didn’t sit well with a lot of fans.

How about the fact that most of the footage from the Rogue One trailers didn’t make it into the final cut?

Some fans really have a lot to say about Rogue One and all the things it got wrong.

Look, folks, this is not to say that Rogue One isn’t an amazing movie, nor is it an indication that the Star Wars community is toxic, that was obviously a joke. But if we’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that constructive criticism is always beneficial so far as the creative process is concerned. So, as long as we can have a civil discourse about these movies, the industry, as a whole, will be all the better for it.