‘Moon Knight’ and ‘Fantastic Four’ writer says the MCU’s Reed Richards needs to be a badass

Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four
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By know, the chances are high that you’ll be fully aware of what went down in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which may or may not have lefty you with the burning question of whether or not John Krasinski’s Reed Richards possesses the capabilities of being a badass.

If you know the actor best from The Office, then you would understandably have some doubts. On the other hand, Michael Bay’s 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi and Prime Video series Jack Ryan have proven his action hero credentials, even if Sam Raimi’s Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel didn’t have him do much besides relay exposition and get turned into spaghetti.

One person who knows both the MCU and the Fantastic Four is writer Jeremy Slater, who penned and executive produced Moon Knight, years after being credited on the screenplay for Josh Trank’s disastrous reboot of Marvel’s First Family. Speaking from Inverse, he revealed what he wants to see from Reed in the future.

“I can only speak for the version I was excited to write way back in the day. And clearly, we’ve all seen that movie. We’ve all seen how it turned out. Reed has always traditionally been viewed as a sort of fuddy duddy, the guy who’s got his head buried in gizmos while Sue is running off to date Namor. Reed is always presented as a clueless grandpa.

The thing I loved about Mark Waid’s interpretation of Reed Richards was that he was a badass, an explorer, an adventurer. I have no idea what they’re doing with the character, but I can only speak for myself as a Reed Richards fan, just make him cool. He doesn’t have to be a grandpa.”

Some of the Moon Knight team will be involved in the latest reimagining of the Fantastic Four, so there’s a distinct possibility Slater will end up getting his wish.

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