Morbius Fans Can’t Get Over Michael Keaton’s Return As The Vulture

michael keaton

Just what cinematic universe, exactly, is Morbius supposed to take place in?

That’s a question nobody but MCU boss Kevin Feige and Sony’s shepherds of their counterpart SpideyVerse can answer and, truth be told, both parties are probably delighting in the obscene amount of misdirection currently going on. Mystery builds excitement, after all, and Feige knows that better than anyone, what with Spider-Man: No Way Home continuing to dominate entertainment channels across the internet.

Superhero fans are a crafty bunch, however, and have already dedicated considerable time towards trying to suss out why Michael Keaton is taking a vacation from the MCU to appear in Morbius.

Is the Vulture’s presence here intended to be as a cameo or brief, inconsequential part, or is Morbius laying the foundations for something far, far bigger in scope? Here’s what the internet has to say…

Morbius hits theaters next year, Jan. 28, just several weeks after Spider-Man: No Way Home. Will the latter serve as a setup for the former and explain away Keaton’s continuity-spanning influence? We’re going to assume the answer to that is a big fat yes, but what about you? Sound off with your own theories in the usual place below!