Mortal Kombat Producer Says The Reboot Doesn’t Have A Release Date

Mortal Kombat

As terrible as 2020 has been for any number of reasons, no matter how hard we might be hoping otherwise, things aren’t going to magically get back to normal as soon as we ring in the new year, and at this stage, don’t rule out the calendar changing to December 32nd, either. The Coronavirus has been the big talking point of the last eight months for good reason, and the theatrical industry has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic.

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is the only major blockbuster that’s been released since March, and after it didn’t pull in the numbers Warner Bros. were hoping for, almost every other studio has packed up and fled from 2020, with many chains and independent theaters now facing some dire financial consequences.

January is often referred to as a dumping ground for unwanted movies anyway, and next year will probably be used to gauge the general levels of interest audiences have in returing to their local multiplex after the 2020 debacle has been consigned to the history books. Just don’t expect to see the Mortal Kombat reboot anytime soon, as in a recent social media exchange, producer Todd Garner admitted that there’s no new release date for it set in stone as of yet.

It was reported back in March that this could happen despite principal photography already having wrapped, and you can’t blame the studio for wanting to protect their investment by delaying Mortal Kombat until the video game adaptation has the best chance at maximizing its earning potential at the box office, which is looking like it might be a long way away yet given that the number one movie in America last weekend raked in $4 million.