Mortal Kombat Reboot Set Pics Reveal A Few Unannounced Characters


There’s still an agonizing wait ahead until Mortal Kombat makes its long-awaited return to movie theaters.

Not until 2021, in fact, will fans of the iconic fighting game franchise finally get to see their favourite characters in motion on the big screen, but even with a premiere date so far off, there’s been no shortage of leaks. Indeed, we’ve already been treated to sneak peeks of sorcerer Shang Tsung’s island and the stage of the original tournament depicted in the first game, but now, thanks to an unlikely source, a large chunk of the reboot’s cast may have been revealed.

Politician Steven Marshall, who recently visited Adelaide Studios’ film set in southern Australia, opted to share a collection of photos taken during the tour. At first glance, none of the images appears to depict much beyond endless green screens, but some interesting discoveries have been made upon closer inspection.

See if you can spot them for yourself via the gallery below:

Pinned to a noticeboard on a wall in the background of one photograph is what looks to be concept art. Four of these can be seen in total and, with a touch of zoom, will undoubtedly look remarkably familiar to Mortal Kombat veterans. In order from left to right, those depicted are Goro, Reiko, Reptile and Kabal.

Now, we should stress immediately that the findings by no means confirm that the quartet will be present in the upcoming adaptation, but it certainly heavily implies as such. With the exception of perhaps Reiko, after all, each character is synonymous with NetherRealm Studios’ beloved franchise and would have been expected to make the cut regardless. As for Shao Kahn’s aforementioned doppelgänger, that’s an odd choice, for sure, but then again, with the recent confirmation of Nitara, anyone’s fair game at this point. Fingers crossed that an official announcement will come soon.

Mortal Kombat is scheduled for release on March 5th, 2021.