Mortal Kombat Star Teases The Return Of A Dead Fan Favorite Character

Mortal Kombat

Death is very rarely permanent in any major Hollywood franchise, especially one that incorporates a fantasy element. It’s reached the stage where the killing of a main character barely resonates with an audience anymore, because there’s always the niggling feeling that they’ll be back again in the future with an explanation as to how they’ve magically returned.

It’s looking as though Mortal Kombat will follow suit, given that Joe Taslim’s Sub-Zero met his fiery demise at the hands of Scorpion during the climactic third act action sequence, even though the actor admitted that he’s already signed on for multiple sequels. Of course, Bi-Han’s resurrection as Noob Saibot is an established part of his backstory, but another member of the ensemble who failed to make it out of the reboot alive has now teased a comeback of their own.

Max Huang’s Kung Lao was unfortunately killed off during Mortal Kombat, after getting his soul sucked out of his body by Shang Tsung. Which was a bit of a shame really, when he’d gotten one of the film’s gnarliest and most game-accurate fatalities by using his trusty hat to buzzsaw Nitara clean in half. However, the star has taken to social media to let his fans know that it might not be the end of the road, as you can see below.

As much as folks would love to see Huang’s Kung Lao again, let’s hope that the Mortal Kombat sequel doesn’t bring back the majority of those to have met their demise in the first installment, because it would only serve to make the opening chapter completely pointless in the grand scheme of things.

Tell us, though, what are you hoping to see in the follow-up? Let us know down below.