Watch: The Batman Set Video Teases Motorcycle Stunt Accident


A new Dark Knight has risen to the challenge of defending Gotham. The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves, will be featuring Robert Pattinson in the titular role and recently, images of the Batsuit made their way online, resulting in a maelstrom of commentary exploding across social media – some enthusiastic and some not so much.

In addition to the wardrobe options though, fans have been able to get a few other glimpses into the production through more behind the scenes videos and stills. One clip that’s been captured during the filming of The Batman shows the Caped Crusader riding his Batcycle through a grand and archaic cemetery, and you can check it out down below.

The motorcycle driver, the one decked out in Batman armor, loses control of the vehicle on the rain-drenched road. It looks like he’s alright and his little flop merely comes off as amusing. The scene was shot on location in Glasgow, Scotland.

Many fans have already begun speculating what significance the cemetery sequence has in the plot of the film. One hypothetical response that’s been suggested is that the hero is visiting the Wayne graves, where his parents are buried. After all, such a scene with Bruce among the towering tombstones, solemnly paying his respect to his parents on a damp, drizzly day could act as a substitute to the infamous shooting scene that’s been used in other adaptations.

An additional theory places Catwoman at the scene of Batman‘s potential mourning. While the two motorcyclists in the video were stunt actors, it’s been determined that the one opposite the Dark Knight was a woman, and she just might be the notorious feline felon. Here’s hoping we get a better look at her soon.