I’d Rather Be At The Movies: “Paying Tribute On A Dark Super Bowl Sunday” (Episode 1)


The day is finally here! We’ve been promising you for weeks now that a film podcast would officially be starting once again to fill the WGTC Radio void, and that podcast is I’d Rather Be At The Movies. Joined by my co-host Justine Browning, each week we’ll be dishing out the latest in industry news, the newest big movie releases, those diamond-in-the-rough Blu-Ray arrivals and of course, some random bantering that you’ll obviously grow to love – LOVE US, DAMMIT!

We’ll be recording every Sunday here in lovely New York City, and you can expect an episode to be released every Wednesday for your listening pleasure.

Starting on Super Bowl Sunday would have been an absolute blast any other year, but with the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman announced only an hour before we recorded, an immediate reflection had to take place, honoring such a wonderful, talented man. Opening our first (official) episode of the podcast on such a somber note had to be done, and we paid tribute to Mr. Hoffman by revealing our favorite turns by the actor as a celebration of his work. Rest in peace, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

On a lighter note, Justine discusses her experiences watching Josh Brolin make pies in Labor Day, I won’t shut up about how EVERYTHING IS AWESOME about The LEGO Movie, we get nervous about The Monuments Men and I find another way to work Bad Milo! into yet another podcast! Yes, you’re never escaping my love for Milo – just accept it.

We’ve already had our warmups so let’s stop wasting time – enjoy Episode 1 of I’d Rather Be At The Movies!

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