‘National Treasure’ star doesn’t think the 3rd movie will happen

National Treasure
Image via Walt Disney Pictures

Fans rejoiced in January of 2020 when it was announced that a third installment in the National Treasure franchise was officially in active development. Unfortunately, that was the beginning and end of the information we were given.

Two years have passed, and in that time the only sort of semi-update we’ve gotten came from producer Jason Reed, who explained that he’d been trying for years to get another implausible adventure off the ground to no avail. Looking at the facts, the chances of more National Treasure coming to the big screen is growing increasingly unlikely.

For one thing, Disney Plus has a TV series in the works that’s got a cast and crew in place, with shooting expected to start within a matter of months. Secondly, Nicolas Cage has been vocal in stating that he’s staying out of the big-budget blockbuster business for the foreseeable future, and now co-star Diane Kruger has weighed in.

Speaking to ComicBook to promote this weekend’s actioner The 355, the actress appears to have resigned herself to the fact that National Treasure 3 isn’t going to happen.

“I really don’t know. No one ever contacted me about the third one, so I don’t know. I feel like, at this point, we’re way too old. I don’t know. I mean, I would say, ‘Never say never,’ but it’s been it’s been a minute, you know?”

national treasure

This year marks the fifteenth anniversary of Book of Secrets, which is a long time for a franchise to be away from the limelight. As things stand, then, the streaming series looks to be the future of the property.