Nato And Remy’s Netflix Watch Instantly Halloween Recommendations: Zombie Movies!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, ladies and gentlemen, and everyone here at the Last Stand is ready to start getting into the Halloween spirit one movie at a time (OK, just my partner Remy and myself). With that said, each article we post this month is going to contain specific genre recommendations for movies you can find on Netflix Watch Instantly, which houses a slew of on-demand movies primed for a good marathon. Each week we’ll pick a different horror sub-genre, scour the selections, and present our six favorite films available. Sound fair?

This week we’re starting off with zombie films, a sub-genre near and dear to my heart. I know Remy is a zombie fan himself, but this is possibly my favorite sub-genre of them all, because although it’s loaded with stale copycats, when you find a really creative, ingenious, diamond-in-the-rough zombie movie, there’s nothing like it – cinematically. Zombies may be these shambling ghouls who seem easy to avoid, but once you get caught, the terror sets in as you realize you’re only a few hours away from joining the herd.

While we’ve got six solid recommendations for you, we did want to let you know how hard it was to find six recommendations we were happy with. The zombie selections aren’t that deep on Netflix Watch Instantly right now, and two of the movies I seriously wanted to write about have been promoted over and over again through the weeks, so please do know I also whole-heartedly recommend Dead Snow (Nazi zombies!) and Slither (kind-of-zombies).

With that said, let’s see what six zombie movies we’ve got for you this Halloween on Netflix Watch Instantly…