Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Horror Characters Who Turned The Tables On Their Attackers


You don’t have many options when you find yourself stuck in a horror movie. You can try hiding like a bitch, probably ending with you dying an equally cowardly death, or you can fight back, which would at least grant you the death of a courageous hero. Might as well fight back against the horror villain chasing you and your friends around, right? You don’t want to go out with your tail between your legs, do you? Yeah, easy for you to say while not being stalked by Jason Voorhees.

But while most horror victims fail miserably at saving the day, becoming just another notch in the killer’s belt, there are some badass dudes and dudettes who were able to turn the tables on some of horror’s biggest names, killing them or incapacitating them long enough to make a difference. I’m not saying they necessarily lived themselves, or that they put an end to the horror situation for good, but there are some rare characters who fought back against their attackers and made a significant impact – survival is just a bonus.

With that said, let’s take a look at some rough and tumble horror characters that fought the good fight and were better off because of it!