Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Chucky’s Die-Light Reel

Seed of Chucky

Thinking up ideas for these articles is hard sometimes, and that’s why Remy and myself have a list of go-to topics on the back-burner for when our brains are fried beyond belief. This week happened to be one of those weeks where between work, screenings and writing, there wasn’t an ounce of brainpower left. With the well dry, we thought it’d be a perfect time to revisit a segment that we’re growing very fond of, our “Die-light Reel” compilations, and while doing so we thought we’d honor one of horror’s most iconic slashers – Chucky.

A personal favorite of mine (although Remy may not feel as strongly), Chucky’s methods of psychotic murder range from swiftly and stealthily brutal to absolutely batshit insane – like exploding water bed mixed with blood insane. He’s one of the only slashers whose atmosphere ranges from the darkest scares to jovial humor, introducing wives and kids into the mix, but this murderous doll always gets the job done. While the jury is still out on which Child’s Play film is actually the best (purists go Child’s Play, contemporary fans back Bride of Chucky), one thing is for sure – his deaths rock.

Why are we talking about death? Because we’re horror fans, and yes, we pay close attention to the death scenes these films create. Half of horror is having fun and knowing how to separate reality from Hollywood, and slasher films are the perfect example. Will murderous dolls ever roam the Earth, haunting children and killing adults? No. Is watching Tiffany kill Redman hilarious? Of course.

So, without further blabbering, here are our picks for Chucky’s definitive Die-Light reel!