Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Our Favorite Underrated Zombie Movies

Remy – Dance of the Dead


Outside of the classics (Night, Day, Dawn) and the neo-classics (28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead), it takes quite a bit for me to love a zombie movie. There has to be gore and there has to be some humor. On top of that, the zombie scenario has to feel genuine and exciting to me, and that is what I think Dance of the Dead achieves. It plays off some of the old Romero zombie tropes (head shots, shambling), but it plays around with those tropes and has some fun with them. The other thing it does extremely well is casting. The main teen in this film is actually (shock) likable and you find yourself rooting for him, which doesn’t happen with teenagers too much in modern horror. Plus, the idea of zombies converging on a high school prom is kind of awesome. Cave in some brains, get some blood on the tux, and end the night getting laid. Though as the ending to this movie proves, it is never that easy.