Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Our Favorite Underrated Zombie Movies

Nato – Dead & Breakfast


OK, I’m going to admit right off the bat Dead & Breakfast is a “so bad it’s good” movie, so if you aren’t into crappy B-Movie quality and campy horror jokes, then you’re going to absolutely loath Matthew Leutwyler’s zombie-comedy-musical. Wait, did I just say musical? Yes, instead of a narrator, we’re presented with a band who sings about the scenes which play out in this sleepy little country town, but then the lead singer turns into a hip-hop cowboy when bitten by a zombie, and we eventually get a full-blown zombie line-dance during one of the more climactic scenes in the film.

Dead & Breakfast is an independent zombie flick every step of the way, complete with incredibly obvious practical effects and atrocious dialogue, but that’s where most of the charm is built as well. I’m obviously not going to compare it to Evil Dead in terms of quality, but the same type of atmosphere is built through scenes of schlocky gore and bits of horror which are more enjoyable than they should be. In that same respect, the humor is very dark, for obvious reasons, and will undoubtedly make your eyes roll, but again, that’s half the reason you’d watch a film like this. It’s no Night Of The Living Dead, but it’s the kind of movie you gather a bunch of friends for and sit around laughing your ass off at. Beers are also HIGHLY encouraged to accompany your watch.

Oh yeah, see how many faces you can recognize, there will definitely be a few surprises if you can pick them out.