Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Home Invasion Horror


With The Purge and You’re Next right around the corner, Remy and I thought now would be an appropriate time to discuss “home invasion horror.” You know, those films that show a family or group of people minding their own business in either their own house or someone else’s, only to have some sick, twisted bastards show up and crank the horror knob up a few notches. Whether it’s a robbery, for fun, in honor of Satan, or for any reason, home invasion films are effective because of the terrifying realism that anyone can break into your house at any time. Your home is supposed to represent safety, a sanctuary from the outside world if you will, so the utter thought that someone can just barge in and threaten your safety at will is prime material for a horror flick, causing nothing but irrational fear. Sorry, did you want to sleep tonight or something?

Instead of describing our favorite “home invasion movies” though, we thought it might be more fun to talk about our favorite home invaders. Honestly, we’d just be repeating some of the same films we always mention, so actually talking about the villains behind the acts gives us more room for new discussions. Think about it, all those nights you spend alone, by yourself, in your dark house, you aren’t afraid of the specific movies, right? You’re afraid those masked Strangers are going to waltz into your living room and take you hostage, torturing you with no means of escape – in your own home.

Join Remy and I as we discuss which home invaders keep us on edge every night, human or not…