Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Masks Make The Man

Nato: Hey everyone, had a super rough week and was even busier last weekend (as you could tell by our super-short hiatus), so I’m going to let my good pal Remy welcome you into this week’s post. He’s a gnarly writer and a horror nut like me, so what’s the worst that can happen? I leave you all in the best of hands!

Remy: I make masks, you know? I know you don’t, because the only people who know that are all dead – but I really do. My love for horror caused me to start picking up different old school masks and modding them out. The thing is, once you have a terrifying mask, there’s really nothing you can do but go out and murder people in them. I mean I put so much effort into them, why shouldn’t I show them off?! For that reason alone, I only have three. Do you want to see them? Don’t worry, you will.

Now onto the masks that strike horror in my heart and fear in my mask-rection (boom), making the protagonists of these films that much more terrifying.

Nato: Umm, that went, well?