Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Top 10 Horror Moments Of 2012

Do I really need to write an introduction after posting this GIF? Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford dancing – your argument is invalid.

Alright, I guess I’ll give a quick run-down on what’s about to follow anyway, fighting to ignore the above GIF. Hey, you, PAY ATTENTION!

Even though 2012 was admittedly a weaker year for horror, there were a few notable moments that stood out in the minds of both Remy and I. Sure, they might not involve horror icons or big names, but there were still plenty of goodies waiting for genre fans to discover last year. Now this isn’t a Top 10 Horror Films of 2012 or anything, just our favorite moments of the year found in horror cinema. Like the above dancing they can be funny, sad, heartfelt, gory – you name it. As long as it comes from a horror movie, good or bad, the moment is in contention for our list.

So come, join Remy and I as we countdown our Top 10 Horror Moments of 2012. Things are going to get weird, a little trippy, sometimes mechanical, and all parts awesome – although those sound in mind should see the #1 pick from a mile away. C’mon people, a definite no brainer.