Necessary Evils: Matt Donato’s Top 13 Horror Movies Of 2015


Is this the part where I’m supposed to act surprised about another year flying by? Yes, after digesting ninety-something horror movies, the cream has risen to the top, and we’re here to crown the best of the best. Tons of generic zombie flicks have shambled across screens, countless vampires have drained our energy, and hopeful slashers made a run at villainous glory – but these are the films you’ll still be talking about when 2016 begins. Or, for those of you playing catchup, here’s the perfect place to start.

While previous years have seen a major takeover by foreign horror, it’s nice to be supporting so many domestic releases in 2015. New Zealand holds two (three if you count splits) of the thirteen spots, and Germany another, but a majority of this year’s best comes from the good-old U-S-of-A – and one even boasts a big(ish) budget!


As a horror fan living in the States, that makes me pretty damn happy. Any night I can brag about local products is a winner for me, and this isn’t even taking into consideration the ALMOST Top 13 worthy films that just missed out.

But you’re not here for “almosts” – you’re here for the best. And that’s what I’ll give ya. Without wasting any more text, here’s the Top 13 Horror Movies Of 2015. Time to get brutal.