Neo Gets His Coat Back In New Matrix Resurrections Poster

A new poster for The Matrix Resurrections teases Neo slipping back into his iconic black leather trench coat of badassery.

Even though it isn’t the most hotly-anticipated title releasing in December thanks to a little movie called Spider-Man: No Way Home, there’s still plenty of buzz beginning to build around The Matrix Resurrections.

Coming eighteen years after Revolutions ended the original trilogy with a whimper rather than the bang audiences were hoping for, director Lana Wachowski is flying solo at the helm of the fourth sci-fi cyberpunk action blockbuster, and everything we’ve seen so far has served to generate many more questions than answers.

That’s obviously in keeping with the franchise’s modus operandi, but a brand new poster has at least confirmed that Keanu Reeves’ Neo will be throwing on his signature trench coat once again, as you can see below.

The first trailer was packed full of stunning visual imagery and tantalizing teases of a plot that’s set to remain under wraps until the finished product comes to cinemas and HBO Max on December 22, but more and more information is beginning to seep online.

A second full-length promo shouldn’t be too far away, and there’s a lot riding on The Matrix Resurrections, which is either going to inject the series with new life or kill it completely stone dead. Fingers crossed for the former, though.