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The Matrix Resurrections Trailer May Have Secretly Confirmed How Neo Is Alive

The Matrix Resurrections Trailer Secretly Confirmed Neo Is Alive By Showing a Clip of Him Being Worked on by Machines.

The Matrixx 4 HD Trailer

The Matrix Resurrectionstrailer, released this past week to rave reviews, may have uncovered why Keanu Reeves’ character Neo is still alive.

Prior to the teaser, many assumed Neo had passed away in the series’ third instalment The Matrix Revolutions. At the end of the film, Reeves’ character is seen sacrificing himself so that he and the antagonist Agent Smith can perish. Ultimately when Smith is deleted and the Matrix is reset, Neo is left lifeless as his corpse is surrounded by smaller machines.

Although viewers insinuated that Neo’s body would be liquefied and consumed by the machines in the film’s final moments, because of past incidents with other deaths, that proved to be far from the case. The Matrix Resurrections preview showcased a glimpse of what could be Neo, being brought back to life following his presumed demise.

The Matrix

In addition to the various clips and images from the new trailer, one where Reeves’ character is badly wounded stood out. In the photo above provided by Empire Magazine’s Ben Travis’ Twitter page, machines are seen crowding around Neo. While he is potentially serving as a power source to the Matrix as he is engulfed in a thick liquid, so this particular scene may prove nothing, it is apparent that from Neo’s badly injured eyes that this may have taken place after The Matrix Revolutions.

Despite seemingly putting the pieces together to one puzzle, many questions surrounding Neo’s return remain including why are the machines keeping him alive? All of that and more will be answered on Dec. 22, 2021 when the long-awaited sequel is released.

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