Nestor Carbonell Calls The Dark Knight Rises “Massive” And “Beautiful”

The anticipation for The Dark Knight Rises is tremendous. While many images, set videos and a teaser trailer have surfaced, the cast and crew have been pretty silent about the film. That is until now, as Nestor Carbonell, who plays Mayor Anthony Garcia, reveals his opinion on the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy.

In an interview with MTV, Carbonell talks about how he just finished filming his part for the film and how this will likely be Nolan’s last Batman film. If it is, Nolan ends it on a very high note, Carbonell said.

“He (Nolan) has announced that this is his last go at ‘Batman’ but yeah, if it is the last for him, he certainly goes out big. It’s massive. What I saw of the sets was just unbelievable. When we were shooting a particular scene I snuck around to see the image on the dolly of what the D.P., Wally Pfister, Academy Award Winner [was shooting]. I looked and immediately thought, ‘Wow, I see why he is who he is, it’s beautifully framed, beautifully shot, half is on IMAX.”

Carbonell also praised Nolan during the interview, calling him “one of these amazing storytellers in our generation.” However, he could not reveal how much screen time his character gets in the film. The entire interview can be viewed below.

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