Netflix Added 10 New Movies/TV Shows Today


Friday is typically the day that new releases hit theaters around the world in an effort to entice audiences to open their wallets and spend the weekend at their local multiplex. Obviously, that hasn’t really been the case for a long time now, but the VOD market has occupied that void by offering a slew of fresh titles on a weekly basis.

However, it’s not as if the various streaming services on offer are slacking when it comes to bulking out their respective content libraries, either, and Netflix in particular have added ten new movies and TV shows today, several of which are well worth checking out and stand a very good chance of reaching the upper echelons of the most-watched list.

Guillermo del Toro’s atmospheric Gothic horror Crimson Peak is now streaming and could entice fans of the genre, while Chris Hemsworth’s Rush sees the actor give a career-best performance in Ron Howard’s biopic that tracks the legendary rivalry between 1970s Formula 1 icons James Hunt and Niki Lauda. There’s much more than that, though, and you can check out the full list below.

Arlo the Alligator Boy *NETFLIX FAMILY
Ajeeb Daastaans *NETFLIX FILM
Barbie & Chelsea The Lost Birthday
Crimson Peak
Fast & Furious Spy Racers: Season 4: Mexico *NETFLIX FAMILY
Into the Beat *NETFLIX FILM
The Zookeeper’s Wife


Arlo the Alligator Boy is Netflix’s latest stab at trying to corner the market in family-friendly animation, Into the Beat is a German romantic drama that sees a ballerina accidentally discover the world of hip-hop, and the younger crowd are more than catered to by Barbie & Chelsea: The Lost Birthday and the fourth season of Fast & Furious Spy Racers. Mulan director Niki Caro’s The Zookeeper’s Wife and existential sci-fi Synchronic have also landed, with the latter set for a good showing after star Anthony Mackie’s last effort in the genre topped the viewership rankings in January.