Netflix Added 4 New Movies And Shows Today, Just In Time For The Weekend


If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you’re probably not hurting for fantastic new content to binge. This month alone has been absolutely killer, with the service dropping the Charlize Theron action flick The Old Guard alongside a host of classic films like Total Recall, Million Dollar Baby and the original The Karate Kid trilogy. As if that’s not enough, the end of July will see the long-awaited second season of the quirky superhero family series The Umbrella Academy, which by itself would make for a worthy month to be a Netflix user.

Of course, there was a short drought of new movies and shows this past weekend, but the last few days have seen the platform back in action with some pretty good stuff. Luckily, that trend doesn’t seem to be stopping, as today marks another Netflix content drop, and there’s at least one major new series you’re going to want to keep your eyes on.

Yes, as you may’ve heard, the first season of Cursed has made its debut today. This fantasy drama is based on the illustrated novel of the same name by the beloved Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler, and it acts as a completely unique re-imagining of the well-known Arthurian legend. Instead of focusing on Arthur though, the show tells the story of his traveling companion, Nimue, a young girl whose destiny is to become Lady of the Lake. They must team up to deliver an ancient sword to Merlin as they also face off against the ever-growing threat of King Uther. It’s shaping up to be quite an exciting series for fans of shows like The Witcher, featuring a lot of visual flair, high-stakes fantasy action and coming-of-age drama.


If that’s not your thing, though, here’s the full list of what’s coming to Netflix today:

Cursed (Season 1) – Fantasy series based on the book about the Arthurian legend told from Nimue’s point of view.
Father Soldier Son – Documentary on a returning father from Afghanistan.
Funan – Animated war movie.
Kissing Game – New Portuguese teen comedy series.
The Millions – Nigerian comedy thriller.

Don’t see anything you like there? Well, you can always head through here to check out some of the other stuff releasing on Netflix throughout July. And, as always, stay tuned for further updates on all of the content coming to your favorite streaming services in the near future.