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Netflix Added 2 Great Johnny Depp Movies Today

Netflix added two great Johnny Depp movies from the 1990s today, which you may not have seen in a while and are well worth watching.

It’s the start of a new month and Netflix has added a ton of notable new titles to its library today. Among them are two great 90s movies that Johnny Depp fans will want to check out. Namely, 1997’s crime drama Donnie Brasco and 1999’s supernatural horror Sleepy Hollow. If you haven’t seen either or one of these before or at least in a while, now’s your chance to fix that. They’re very different films, sure, but feature a couple of top-draw performances from Depp.

First off, Donnie Brasco – based on real events – follows Depp’s undercover FBI agent as he infiltrates the mafia under the alias Donnie Brasco. He’s taken under the wing of aging hitman Lefty Ruggiero (Al Pacino). But, as he gets deeper into the criminal organization, Donnie has to deal with crossing the line between undercover agent and actual criminal as well as his growing friendship with Lefty. Critics at the time were crazy about it, with its Rotten Tomatoes score sitting at an impressive 88%.

Donnie Brasco

Shortly after that, Depp teamed up with his old friend Tim Burton for Sleepy Hollow, a fresh spin on the classic spooky tale from Washington Irving. Depp plays Ichabod Crane, a nervy but brilliant detective from the turn of the 19th century who believes in science and deduction. His rational beliefs are tested, however, when he’s sent to the titular town whose citizens are being terrorized by a Headless Horseman. Co-starring Christina Ricci, Sleepy Hollow is often viewed as one of the best Depp/Burton collaborations.

Both Donnie Brasco and Sleepy Hollow are somewhat of their time, but their high quality and period settings ensure that they’ve aged very well and are still great watches more than 20 years after they first hit theaters. Once again, if we’ve convinced you to give them a go, you can find both on Netflix from today (July 1st).

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