Netflix Added 5 Great New Movies Last Week


The Coronavirus pandemic may still be continuing to devastate the entertainment industry, with plenty of movies packing up and heading to 2021 as the sense of uncertainty surrounding theaters around the world continues, but Netflix seem to be making the most of the opportunity presented by having millions of people largely confined to their homes for the last four months.

Unsurprisingly, viewership numbers are up across the board for all of the major streaming services, and as the industry leader, Netflix has been leading the charge by releasing a series of acclaimed original projects that have been racking up huge numbers like Extraction, The Old Guard, Warrior Nun and Cursed.

However, with the competition really starting to heat up in the streaming wars, Netflix are also adding plenty of pre-existing content to keep their subscribers occupied. In fact, the company added five notable movies to their library last week and given that three of them have already cracked the Top 10 most-watched list just goes to show the strength in depth of their lineup across virtually every genre.

Animal Crackers

Spotlight, which won Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay, has you covered if prestige dramas are your thing, while classic romance The Notebook is also available if you prefer grabbing a stack of tissues and weeping your way through a love story. The Kissing Booth 2, meanwhile, is also generating plenty of buzz as Netflix continue to corner the market in teen-orientated rom-coms, and based on how quickly Animal Crackers shot to the top of the most-watched list, it appears as though a lot of people are keen to check out a family-friendly animation with an A-list voice cast that spent the last three years sitting on a shelf gathering dust.

If action is more your thing, though, then Donnie Yen’s Ip Man 4: The Finale also dropped last week, bringing the epic martial arts franchise to a close. And it’s already proved to be hugely popular among fans of the genre.

No matter what your preferences are, then, Netflix continue to assert their dominance as the world’s number one streaming service by acquiring more and more movies that appeal to virtually every taste. And that’s a trend that looks set to continue for a while yet.