Sylvester Stallone’s New Movie Is Dominating Netflix This Weekend


John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Ian McKellen, Danny DeVito, Sylvester Stallone. That sounds like the cast of either a big budget blockbuster movie or an awards-baiting drama, but it’s actually the list of actors and actresses starring in an animated comedy that just landed on Netflix yesterday after having sat on the shelf for years collecting dust, unable to secure a theatrical release in the US.

Though it did manage to land a run in cinemas over in China, Netflix is now giving audiences in the States the chance to check out Animal Crackers, a co-production between Blue Dream Studios and the China Film Group Corporation. And already, it’s absolutely dominating on the streaming site, securing the #3 spot on the Top 10 movies list and the #7 spot on the Top 10 overall list. Which isn’t too bad for a film that arrived with next to no buzz.

Of course, as an animated effort aimed at young children, Animal Crackers is a far cry from the type of movies we typically see Sylvester Stallone star in. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time.

Animal Crackers

After all, the pic has a respectable Rotten Tomatoes score of 62% – and 91% from audiences – with critics praising it for its inventiveness, the all-star vocal cast and its musical moments, among other things. Sure, it might not be for everyone, especially if you’re over a certain age, but it’s not like there’s a whole lot else releasing this weekend as far as new movies go, right?

But tell us, do you plan on checking out Animal Crackers? Or do you have something else lined up to stream? As always, you can let us know by dropping a comment down below.