Netflix Just Added One Of The Most Underrated Horror Movies Of The 2000s

Session 9

Netflix is great for hot new original content. Indeed, the streaming site invests a fortune into producing their own movies and TV shows and most of the time, they knock it out of the park, with many Netflix titles going on to become global sensations (see: Stranger ThingsExtractionThe Irishman and more). But the platform is also great for discovering hidden gems, with tons of licensed content getting another chance in the spotlight.

Almost every day, the company adds older movies and TV shows that may’ve been overlooked in the past, with Netflix now giving them a chance to find a new audience. And while not everything they add is worth a watch, most of the time they manage to dig up some real underrated titles and give them a second life. Which is exactly what they’ve done today, with the streaming giant adding Session 9 to their library, a forgotten 2001 psychological thriller that’ll no doubt be enjoyed by those who decide to give it a chance.

Session 9

Though nearly 20 years old now, this oft-forgotten flick still holds up remarkably well. Relying more on mood and atmosphere than blood and gore to deliver its chills and scares – sometimes a little too much – director Brad Anderson offers up a compelling and effectively creepy watch. One which horror fans will be happy they checked out.

Plot-wise, Session 9 follows an asbestos cleaning crew working in an abandoned mental hospital, where tensions begin to rise as the building’s horrific past seems to be returning to haunt them. Again, if it’s blood and gore you’re after, you’re better off looking elsewhere. But if you’re in the mood for what critics called “a deft exercise in atmospheric horror and insanity,” then Netflix‘s latest addition might just be right up your alley.