Netflix Now Streaming Some Big Movies/Shows For Free To Attract New Subscribers

Murder Mystery

Netflix has always been the dominant platform for streaming content, especially with their substantial collection of original movies and shows that remain exclusive to subscribers. However, the world of streaming is growing every day with new services offering various perks over others, leaving many customers having to make hard decisions over which one will provide them with the best bang for their buck.

Netflix seems to be aware that the landscape is evolving, though, and they’ve got a plan for drawing in new customers shopping around for the service that suits their individual needs. You see, the company has announced a new promotion that will now allow anyone to watch some of Netflix’s original content for free, including a few full movies and the first episode of various shows.

Among these are such huge offerings as the Sandra Bullock horror flick Bird Box and the first episodes of Stranger Things and Grace and Frankie, showing that the streaming giant isn’t shying away from using its biggest hits to draw in fresh customers. It should be noted, however, that the Frequently Asked Questions page states that these titles may rotate, meaning that we’re likely to see some of them drop off and be replaced by other original programming in the future.

Here’s the full list of what’s available to watch for free right now:

Bird Box (Full movie)
Elite (Episode 1)
Grace and Frankie (First Episode)
Love is Blind (First Episode)
Murder Mystery (Full movie)
Our Planet (First Episode)
Stranger Things (Episode 1)
The Boss Baby: Back in Business (Episode 1)
The Two Popes (Full movie)
When They See Us (First Episode)

The only downside to this promotion is that it’s only available for those using a PC or Android browser. Those using iOS or various streaming devices won’t be able to access these free titles at all and only time will tell if Netflix will extend the deal to those platforms later.

For those already subscribed, though, you can head through here to check out some of what’s already been announced for September, with Netflix set to deliver another healthy dose of new titles that are sure to keep you occupied through the month.